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By asking the right questions, confirming suspicions with tests, and communicating with you over time, we've found over the last 5 years that 70% of health issues can be managed without in-person visits. We don't depend on just exam room conversations to solve your problems. We communicate anytime and anywhere with you. When you think outside of the exam room, you open up a whole new world of possibilities.

For every case you create, our doctors ask you anywhere from 10 to 30 pointed questions about your situation. Then, if needed (20% of the time), we confirm our suspicions with lab or imaging tests, share those results with you inside our app, and start treatment. However, 30% of the time you need to be seen in-person and we’ll refer you to the most appropriate local, Sherpaa-friendly, in-network specialist or facility. But no matter what test we order or who we refer you to, the best care involves careful follow-up, frequent updates, communication with specialists we referred you to, and confirmation that you’re getting better. And that’s what Sherpaa does best. 

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