Most companies and insurance plans spend $40 PMPM on primary care costs. Sherpaa costs $100 per episode of care and each Sherpaa user will use Sherpaa, on average, 2.7 times per year. 

Sherpaa solves 70% of issues without claims due to in-person visits when people reach out to Sherpaa first with their medical issues. For the 30% of issues that need in-person care (from specialists, ERs, urgent care centers, predictable procedures, etc.), we coordinate care to effectively spend on in-network, preferred local providers and facilities. We ultimately curb downstream costs and ensure all in-person care for a population is strategic and cost-effective.

We're cost conscious doctors. 

Primary care isn’t a huge cost-driver of healthcare. But when it’s easily accessible and serves as the entry point for preventable real cost drivers (ER, urgent care, predictable procedures, medications,imaging, etc.), Sherpaa’s doctors are in a unique position to intelligently and cost-effectively guide care to:

  • Lower cost predictable procedures
  • Lower cost medications
  • Lower cost imaging
  • Lower cost labs

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