Most employees at our companies see that ~50% of employees use Sherpaa as their PCPs. Some companies have more than 90% and others are ~30%. 

Sherpaa is easy to use and free for employees. Instead of trying to make appointments with PCPs, going to urgent care, or ERs, employees just fire up Sherpaa, get their problems diagnosed and treated 70% of the time, or have their in-person care personally arranged for them. It's free, easy to use, and can actually solve the majority of their problems, rather than ~30 simple issues

Also, we're obsessed with creating the best process to educate members about how and why they can use Sherpaa. We have a best-in-class communication strategy that simply works. 

And, finally, we believe in elegant design. If a service is difficult to use, people get frustrated and abandon it. If a service is super simple to use, people love it and rave about it

That's why our usage is so high.

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