When Sherpaa onboards a group, we'll send an email to the group's admin to create a Sherpaa account. You'll go through the same sign up process as your employees or plan members. However, you'll be an admin on the account. That means, when you sign in, you can switch between your personal medical account and the group's dashboard with a single sign in. Here's how:

When you log in and you're an admin, you first see your employee dashboard:

To switch between your employee dashboard and your own personal medical account, just click "You are logged into Sherpaa Business. Go to Sherpaa for You."

And to switch back, just click "Go to company admin."

Learn how to add/terminate employees here.
Learn how to view your group's Sherpaa usage here

Email notifications you'll receive as an admin:

1: Member added a dependent and the admin needs to approve the request

If your company has decided to allow group members to invite their dependents to Sherpaa, you, as the admin, will get a notification that there has been a new dependent invited to Sherpaa. The notification will take you directly to the "Pending Approval" tab in the dashboard where you will approve or deny the request.

2: Confirmation that an employee was added by the admin
3: Confirmation that an employee was terminated by the admin

That's about it! We've kept it as simple as possible for you.

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