By asking detailed questions to deeply understand you and your ongoing situation, confirming suspicions with lab or imaging tests (when necessary), sharing photos and data, and getting updates from you over time, we've found over the last 6 years that the vast majority of health issues, from simple to complex, can be diagnosed and treated without in-person visits. And when you don't have to wait for doctor appointments for weeks on end, your health problems are solved markedly faster, and you're back on your feet in no time. But most doctors limit your communication and problem-solving to expensive, inconvenient exam rooms. Sherpaa's different. We believe anytime, anywhere communication throughout your issues solves your problems best.

Sherpaa "cases" can last anywhere from a few minutes for simple things like your yearly UTI to many months for complicated situations that take multiple tests and care coordination with local specialists. You can use your laptop, iPhone, or Android to conveniently get care 24/7 no matter where you are.

Entrusting your health into a doctor's hands is no light decision. Spend some time understanding Sherpaa and how we deliver effective, safe, convenient care. 

Step 1: Launch the app and create a case

Step 2: Tell us, in your own words, what's wrong.

No pressure. No waiting rooms. No co-pays. No paperwork. No doctors interrupting you. Just write as much as you want. People typically write a paragraph or two.

Step 3: Attach a photo if it helps.

About 25% of cases have photos attached.

Step 4: Answer your doctor's questions.

Within about 20 minutes, our doctors read your story and write back to you with a series of questions based on your complaints. You'll get an email or iOS or Android notification that you have something new "To Do" on your case. We've built these questions over the last 6 years to ensure we ask you the right questions in the right way. They're questions doctors will typically ask you in the exam room, but they've been designed to cover all bases and allow you to respond to them thoughtfully, without pressure, and whenever you can get to them (we know you're busy). Also, you can answer them in your own words. They're not a boring questionnaire.

Step 5: Our doctors determine your best next steps.

We read your responses and we'll probably ask a few more questions to confirm our suspicions. The majority of the time, we're able to diagnose you at this stage, without having to order tests, and start treating you. If you need a medication, we'll prescribe the medication for you and you'll choose your pharmacy:

However, if we do need to confirm suspicions with tests, we'll order them for you at your local lab or imaging center and the results will appear in your case:

Not too long after you get the test, your results appear in Sherpaa's app:

Step 6: Our doctors may arrange in-person care for you.

However, about 30% of the time our doctors determine that you need to be seen in-person with a local specialist, ER, or urgent care center. We have a network of ~5,000 Sherpaa-friendly specialists and facilities across America that we've built from the ground up over the last 6 years. We'll do the legwork to connect you with the most appropriate in-network person or place. And if you can't get an appointment in an acceptable time frame, and your situation is time-sensitive, our doctors will call the specialists and get you in as soon as possible.

Step 7: We always follow-up with you and check-in.

Sherpaa doctors are here for you 24/7 from beginning to resolution. And the second you get a message from your doctor checking in on you to see how you're doing, you immediately realize we're different. It's healthcare based on easy, close communication. Restricting your communication to expensive, inconvenient exam rooms is a relic of the past.

Cases can be minutes or months long

When we do refer you to a specialist, Sherpaa receives a report from the specialist documenting their findings and their recommendations. These are included in your case so you have access to your medical records no matter where you go:

Access all your cases and understand it all

In traditional office visits, doctors talk with you and do their best to explain things to you. But research shows you forget ~85% of what they say due to stress, anxiety, and complicated medical jargon. With Sherpaa, you can log in and view the entire conversation, see your tests, specialist reports, review your plan, and understand your entire situation. And if something is unclear, just send us another message!

Sherpaa doctors do everything they can to ensure you understand your diagnosis and next steps. 

And, of course, you have access to every single case you've ever had with Sherpaa:

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