Sherpaa's doctors work out of our office in New York City. Occasionally, they work on their own from home. They are part of our company's day to day culture and we all work together to deliver the highest quality care for you.

It is very collaborative. Because it's  email-like communication, rather than instantaneous, if a challenging or weird case comes in, they'll ask the other doctors for their opinion. They'll talk about it together and then one of them will get back to you. So instead of just getting one doctor's opinion, you get the whole group. 

If a rare condition is suspected, our doctors can do their research and brush up on the latest information, and then get back to you. No doctor can be expected to know everything. But, unfortunately, in traditional office visits, many doctors have to "wing it" due to time constraints. We eliminate that issue.

Many people ask our doctors "Don't you miss patients?" Our doctors interact with patients all day. And, when needed, they'll jump on the phone and call you. While we never see you in person, we're frequently communicating with you and working through emotional and serious issues with you. Relationships form over time and the bonds formed by knowing our doctors are working hard for you are strong. 

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