Obviously Sherpaa! But here's the main differences:

You pay for each and every One Medical visit out of your own pocket and there’s no way to know how much you’ll be billed. It’s traditional healthcare. We think the lack of transparency in healthcare is unethical. Sherpaa is a flat fee for unlimited care. 

Sherpaa turns multiple visits into one. When you need more than primary care expertise, Sherpaa doesn’t make you come in to then refer you to what you actually need. We get your story via our app, understand your needs without an appointment, and then personally arrange specialist or urgent care for you. That way, Sherpaa skips the traditional primary care visit and sends you directly to the specialist with the expertise needed to solve your problem.

Sherpaa is a flat rate for unlimited care. We keep things simple and transparent. When other doctors charge you more for doing more, their economic interests are competing against yours. One Medical, and other traditional doctors, bill you more for doing more. 

Sherpaa believes accessibility is a doctor’s ethical duty. You, nor your employer, should pay a meaningless access fee to doctors and then pay for each visit. The money you pay doctors should be for their time and expertise. See how much employers pay for One Medical here.

Sherpaa can be your primary care doctors for life. You don’t have to live or work near our physical office. When you move neighborhoods, change jobs, switch insurance, or travel, you should have the same doctors.

Sherpaa uses full-time, dedicated doctors, not nurse practitioners or physician assistants. When your health is on the line, do you want extensive physician expertise or a “physician extender” employed to cut costs? 

Sherpaa will not send you medical bills that cause confusion and waste your time. One Medical traditionally bills you with the same line items full of medical codes and things that look like bills but say “this is not a bill.” In fact, One Medical online reviews suggest billing disputes are a primary complaint.

Sherpaa is an independent, mission-driven, self-funded company. One Medical’s last two rounds of funding came from a hedge fund and a private equity firm. Support Sherpaa. Or support Wall Street.

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