1. Create a case within Sherpaa’s app and tell us the details of your situation. If photos help, please send them.
  2. Within a few minutes, our doctors message back with a series of specific questions.
  3. Based on your answers, the issue can just simply be inflammation that will go away shortly. We’ll check in on you on a regular basis to make sure things are getting better.
  4. We may order an ultrasound at your local imaging center to be done in no time.
  5. The radiologist will send us the results of your tests to be included in your case. If there is a serious issue with your testicle, we’ll arrange an appointment with a local in-network urologist for further management. 
  6. The urologist sends us a report with their plan to manage your situation. These are all included in your case and accessible to you. We then work in conjunction with them to ensure you improve.
  7. Sometimes, this can be a very urgent issue and we’ll refer you to the ER for immediate surgery.
  8. Sherpaa always checks in on you. And you can easily send us updates. We’re here for you from beginning to end.

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