1. Ninety percent of Sherpaa’s doctors are women.
  2. Sherpaa doctors diagnose and treat you with good in-app communication, lab and imaging tests, and careful follow-up. Occasionally, we’ll refer you to local, in-network gynecologists and work in conjunction with them for further management. Here are some common things Sherpaa doctors treat and manage: UTIs, vaginal discharge, sexually transmitted infections, potential pregnancy, potential blood clots, nipple discharge, missed birth control pills, menstrual problems, lumps in your pelvic area, potential HIV exposure, genital lesions, breast lumps, birth control refills, bacterial vaginosis, missed periods, and many others.
  3. Prevention is key. We help you understand when and how often you need a pelvic exam and Pap test. Then we recommend local, in-network gynecologists to see you in person when necessary and we can often get you in to see them faster than you can on your own. Depending on your history, intervals between exams may be months to years.
  4. When Sherpaa orders blood tests, mammograms, ultrasounds, and referrals to specialists, we receive the results of the tests and the specialist reports. These important medical records are included in each Sherpaa case you create. And, of course, you always have access to the entire content of every case you create. Sherpaa serves as your repository for all of your medical records that originate within Sherpaa.
  5. You’re a busy, mobile person. You change jobs, health insurance, and neighborhoods every few years. Sherpaa will be your consistent home, available anytime and anywhere. Our care transcends where you live, work, or who provides your insurance.

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