1. Create a case within Sherpaa’s app and tell us the details of your situation.
  2. Within a few minutes, our doctors message back with a series of specific questions.
  3. If your answers don’t sound like anything serious, we’ll recommend some things to do at home to treat your pain and check back in with you in hours or days.
  4. If warranted, we may send you for imaging or blood tests. All results are sent back to us and included in the case. Based on the test results, we can treat you.
  5. We may refer you to a local in-network specialist. After seeing the specialist, we obtain a report outlining their findings and recommendations and we include that in your case in the app.
  6. We may prescribe medications. You choose your pharmacy within the app and pick up the prescription in no time.
  7. We always check in and you can keep us updated. Remember, Sherpaa is part of your situation from beginning to end.

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