If Employers Cover the Entire Cost of Sherpaa

Sherpaa is free and unlimited for your employees to use. It's quite possibly the most meaningful benefit you can give your employees. While providing health insurance protects your employees from financial ruin if they get seriously sick or injured, Sherpaa makes their everyday healthcare needs convenient, effective, and transparent. First dollar healthcare costs have increasingly shifted to employees over the last decade. But the healthcare system is not set up to be consumer friendly with transparent pricing. Employees often use healthcare in piecemeal and go to urgent care centers and ERs because they're accessible. But most urgent care center visits will cost them at least ~$350 and ER visits are ~$2,000. Sherpaa gives your employees an accessible home that can diagnose and treat 70% of everyday health issues virtually without expensive, inconvenient in-person visits.

If Employers Cost-Share with Employees for Sherpaa

Employers pay a small monthly fee to offer employees a discount on Sherpaa's individual membership. The employee can use their FSA or HSA card to pay for Sherpaa for even better, tax-advantaged savings. 

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