One Medical is a traditional brick and mortar primary care practice located primarily in San Francisco and NYC that offers online scheduling and same or next day appointments. There’s a significant membership fee for individuals ($149 per year) or companies (~$40,000 for 250 employees) to join and each visit then costs employees market prices for a traditional primary care visit. Their main sources of revenue are a membership fee to individuals or companies plus traditional reimbursements from insurance companies. The more visits they do, the more revenue they generate from your employees.

Sherpaa is an online medical practice powered by our full-time physicians who diagnose and treat 70% of primary care issues virtually and, for the rest, personally arrange care with local specialists or facilities. It is traditional, relationship-based primary care, just online and available 24/7 from anywhere. Our mission is to prevent the unnecessary 70% of traditional office visits, like those that happen at One Medical, to make healthcare convenient and less expensive. There’s no membership fee to join Sherpaa and our only source of revenue is a per employee per month fee only for the employees that regularly use Sherpaa. That fee covers the cost of primary care for those employees and prevents unnecessary claims.

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