Sherpaa rarely refers you to a primary care doctor, because we are primary care doctors and we know when you need a specialist, urgent care, or ER. We also believe our role is not just a doctor who treats you, but also a guide and coordinator of specialist or urgent care. When our doctors refer you for in-person care, we often communicate with that specialist, ensure you're seen on time, follow-up with them after your visit to get their report and plan for you, and work together to execute the plan over time. We can do all of this because we communicate and problem solve with you regularly via in-app messaging. We think good primary care doctors need more tools than just exam rooms and physical exams.

Features of traditional primary care doctors are:

  • They communicate mostly in their office exam rooms
  • Some supplement with occasional emails
  • They get paid for office visits, not communication
  • You have to pay every time you need them
  • They can do physical exams
  • You see them first, then they refer you
  • Significant waiting room delays
  • It takes a while to get an appointment
  • They change employers frequently

Features of Sherpaa doctors:

  • We communicate primarily via writing and occasionally phone
  • Our doctors are paid a salaried flat rate, not for number of visitsĀ 
  • We cannot do physical exams, but order lab and imaging tests
  • You do not need to see us first to be sent to the right specialist
  • We both treat you and coordinate your care with local specialists
  • We respond to your messages and phone calls within minutes
  • No waiting room delays and no sick people near you
  • You don't make an appointment, you just send off a message or call
  • No matter where you live or work or travel, you don't have to change doctors
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