If you are a company larger than 100 employees, your premiums are tied to your employees' healthcare usage. When ~50% of employees typically use Sherpaa as their primary care doctors and 70% of all cases are handled without in-person visits and their claims, Sherpaa reduces the raw number of claims in your company. These are typically claims for PCP, specialist, urgent care, and ER visits. But, of course, it's all about engagement, usage, and stopping unnecessary, inappropriate, expensive claims. 

Upon insurance renewal, Sherpaa puts together a report about your company's healthcare usage and helps you construct an argument to decrease premiums or significantly reduce premium increases. However, it's important to work together with your team and your broker to decrease premium increases. 

Sherpaa also helps you understand your employees' real life healthcare needs and usage. You can use these insights to tailor the plans your company offers to match their needs.

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