Traditional, in-person care typically costs:

  • Primary care doctor visits = Co-pay + ~$175 bill
  • Urgent care visits = Co-pay + ~$350 bill
  • ER visits = Co-pay + ~$2,000 bill

Also, many issues often require a few office visits to resolve. So, you might need two $200 primary care visits. At Sherpaa, we don't believe communication and problem-solving should occur exclusively in exam rooms at $200 each. 

A year of unlimited care with Sherpaa is less than the cost of one urgent care visit. And preventing one unnecessary $2,000 ER visit is worth almost 7 years of Sherpaa's Unlimited Care.

Healthcare costs are insanely confusing. But here's the typical situation. You go see a doctor, urgent care center, or ER and you pay a co-pay. A few weeks later, you then get a bill with all kinds of itemized charges. 

Most people nowadays have deductibles typically in the range of $2,000. And most people don't spend their entire deductible. If you don't typically spend your entire deductible, Sherpaa is perfect for you because you can spend your money on convenient care rather than traditional care full of hassles and confusing itemized bills from doctors and hospitals looking to bill you as much as they can. 

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