Here's how your employees spend healthcare:

  • 50% spend ~5% of your costs ($100 or so a year on things like pink eye)
  • 40% spend ~35% of your costs ($5,000 a year or so on things like asthma or chronic sinusitis)
  • 10% spend  ~60% of your costs (more than $5,000 a year)

Sherpaa's sweet spot is the 90% of employees who spend ~40% of your costs. Traditional telehealth companies like Teladoc are restricted to simple issues and, therefore, target the 50% of people who spend 5% of your costs. We also help with the 10% of folks who spend the 60%, but, honestly, these are things like hospitalizations, premature births, and such. We work hard alongside these employees but it's a far more unpredictable and individualized situation where we may or may not impact costs. Despite that, having our doctors as a resource for complicated and expensive situations is invaluable.

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