When you need medical care, creating a case with Sherpaa's doctors before you get in-person care can change your life. Here's how:

  • We diagnose and treat you without you having to visit a doctor in person
  • We refill your medication without an office visit
  • When you need to be seen quickly by a specialist, instead of waiting 4 weeks for an appointment, our doctors pick up the phone and talk doctor-to-doctor to get you seen tomorrow.
  • You avoid annoying long waits in doctor offices¬†
  • Instead of making an appointment to get an order for tests, then getting the tests, and then going back to the doctor to go over the results, we simply order the tests, attach the results in your case within the app, and explain them to you.
  • Instead of going to the ER and wasting an entire day or night, we tell you this is an issue an urgent care center can treat and you're in and out in an hour
  • Instead of waiting for an appointment for a PCP, then waiting in their office, and then being told you need a specialist, we skip the PCP visit and send you directly to the right specialist.
  • Instead of shopping around to find the right specialist, we get details of your situation and refer you to the specialist who specializes in the weird kind of headaches you're having.
  • ¬†Instead of scrambling to find a doctor when you're on vacation, you just fire up Sherpaa and, within the app, you choose the nearest pharmacy to your beach hotel.

And on and on...

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