If you haven't yet spent all of your deductible, you must buy all of your care out of your own pocket no matter if it's at a doctor's office or via Sherpaa. Don't get distracted by co-pays. Co-pays are just a trick to get you in and have you deal with all the bills for unknown costs later. 

Remember, a deductible is the amount of money you have to spend on care before insurance kicks in and starts paying your bills. When you go to an urgent care center or a primary care doctor, you have no idea how much it'll cost. It may cost $50 or $5,000. When you spend with Sherpaa, you know how much it will cost ($99 for 30 days or $270 per year for unlimited interactions) and there are no co-pays nor any bills you'll receive in the mail.

Most deductibles nowadays are $1,500 to $5,000. Here's how much a person age 18-64 spends out of pocket on healthcare per year: 

Notice, 72% spend less than $1,000 and 90% spend less than $5,000. That means  most of us have to spend our own money out of pocket for all of our care. 

But what if a Sherpaa doctor orders a lab or an x-ray or prescribes you a medication? Does insurance pay for those?

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