We’ve got two billing options.

Option One: Employers Cover Sherpaa
Companies cover the entire cost of Sherpaa’s case-based care for employees. Cases can be simple, like getting an antibiotic for a skin infection with a follow-up a week later. Or they can span for months while our doctors coordinate treatment with local specialists for an employee’s newly diagnosed cancer. No matter how complicated or time-consuming, it’s a flat-rate per case. We simply tally up the number of cases created by your employees over the month, and bill you *$150 per case. This is the best strategy for self-insured employers. Engagement is highest with this plan.

Option Two: Employers Cost-Share with Employees
When employers want to cost-share with employees, we determine the employer's monthly fee for Sherpaa and the discount this fee gets employees. The higher the employer's monthly fee, the steeper the employee discount.

By giving your employees easily accessible doctors they can contact before getting care in person, we can nip things in the bud, diagnose and treat them online, and prevent their out-of-control and opaque costs found in traditional settings.

*Why $150 per case?

We're doctors you can reach out to before you get in-person care to nip issues in the bud instead of spending on traditional care that costs, on average:

Primary care doctor visits = Co-pay + ~$175 bill
Urgent care visits = Co-pay + ~$350 bill
ER visits = Co-pay + ~$2,000 bill

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