That depends. There are two types of people.

Type 1: You haven't yet spent your deductible

Ninety percent of people age 18-64 will spend less than $4,000 on healthcare (doctor visits, medications, tests, etc.) every year and therefore won't spend their entire deductible. If you haven't yet spent your entire deductible, you can spend your money on convenience and transparent costs. Sherpaa is perfect for that. For the 10% of people who do spend a $4,000 deductible, it's essentially an all or none situation. You'll either spend $300 or $1,000 or you'll go to the ER once and get a $36,000 bill spending way over your $4,000 deductible + your co-insurance on top of that. It's a mess out there. Sherpaa's Basic Plan is $300 per year to keep you out of the ER, urgent care centers, and expensive office visits.

Type 2: You have spent your entire deductible

If your deductible is, for example, $4,000, and you want insurance to pay for everything, you will be stuck getting care within the confines and hassles of whatever insurance will pay for (traditional office, urgent care, and ER visits). If you want convenient care, like Sherpaa, it must be paid for out of your own pocket. But it's also important to consider your co-insurance. If you've spent your entire $4,000 deductible, and then you're responsible for 20% of all bills thereafter, it's probably a wash. For example, say you go to the ER for a mild pneumonia and the bill is $12,000. Your 20% co-insurance means you're responsible for $2,400 of that bill. Sherpaa's Basic Plan is $300 a year and probably could have handled that pneumonia for you. 

P.S. If you don't know how much you've spent toward your deductible, just ask Sherpaa within a case and we'll tell you exactly how much you've spent.

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