The traditional, old-fashioned way of interacting with doctors is in exam rooms. Insurance companies pay for these office visits, but they do not pay for other means of communication and problem solving. That would be like your boss claiming real work only happens in meetings and refuses to pay you for email, Slack, Google docs you create, phone calls, etc. 

Good healthcare is simply effective communication and creative problem solving. As we all know, effective communication can happen anywhere and everywhere nowadays. That's how Sherpaa operates. Because we're focused on convenience and effective, always-available communication and problem-solving, insurance companies simply don't speak our language. They're still living in the 1900's, whereas Sherpaa is excited about today's best means of communicating and solving problems. 

Sherpaa communicates and solves problems with you within our app over as much time as it takes to get your problems solved. Cases you create may be simple and take just a few minutes. Or they make take months of ongoing communication to coordinate your care with local specialists, prescribe multiple medications, order tests, etc. Since these are not office visits, there are no insurance codes for this kind of communication and problem solving. Insurance simply can't pay for anything other than the language they speak and codes they use.

But the real question is, does this matter to you?

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